New displays for 2022 season


In 2022 there are 3 major new displays:

A history of witch hunts, which a few centuries ago were prevalent throughout Europe but disproportionately severe in Scotland. Abernethy was not immune from the frenzy.


A profile of the hamlet of Aberargie, in Abernethy Parish, and its several mills which were of great importance to the whole area until well into the 20th Century.

The story of the Abernethy Masonic Lodge since 1948, including regalia, ritual objects and pictures of some famous Masons through history.

And among other displays:

Read about the local naval surgeon brothers, James and Robert Guthrie, who would have used instruments like these during the Napoleonic wars.

These aircraft parts are from two planes that crashed close to Abernethy during WWII, one of which was a Spitfire and the other a Lysander.